JS031~ [Siu Mei Bag] Shoulder Bag

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In the 1960s-1970s Hong Kong, plastic packaging materials and plastic bags were not popular. Most shops, restaurants or even street food stalls were using paper bags for all their packaging.  Take the traditional Siu Mei BBQ Shop as an example, they usually have their own unique drawing on their self-packaging such as roasted goose pattern to represent their brand, also act as a mobile advertisement.

Nowadays, those unique sulphite paper bags are disappeared and have been replaced by plastic bags ……

In order to keep this signature packaging alive, HONG KONG OAPES is introducing a new series of bags –[Sui Mei bag].

We reshaped the “Siu Mei Bag” by using a new material- Tyvek, its texture is similar to sulphite paper, but much more durable, soft and robust, waterproof and stain-resistant, washable by hand or machine.  And you can also find the classics Sui Mei BBQ packaging design patterns and drawing son the front of our new series Tote Bag & Shoulder Bag.  


"Sui Mei Bag" Shoulder Bag

Cover material             | Tyvek environmentally friendly non-woven fabric

Inner material              | 12A polyester cotton canvas

Body size                     | W16cm x H23cmx D8cm

Shoulder strap length | about 72~140cm (adjustable)

Weight                        | about 140 grams

Retail Price                  | HK$599

Limited Offer Price      | HK$399