JS021~ Salted Fish Shaped Reusable Umbrella Pouch

SOLD OUT JS021~ Salted Fish Shaped Reusable Umbrella Pouch
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Once upon a time, there is a famous sentence: ‘If we don't have any dream in life, we'll look like a Salted Fish.’

In the rainy days, every mall will distribute disposable plastic bags. If everyone have their own reusable pouch, it will be helpful for protecting the environment. We designed the Hong Kong’s unique ‘Salted Fish’ as a Reusable Umbrella Pouch. You can put a wet inverted umbrella in the ‘Salted Fish’, and it will not leak out the water when you pull the zipper. After using the ‘Salted Fish’, you can hang it in a place with good ventilation or sunlight.

Nowadays, even Salted Fish also have dreams! Environmentally friendly and practical!