JS011~ Saan1 Zuk1 Ngau4 Juk6 Kau4 Coaster

JS011~ Saan1 Zuk1 Ngau4 Juk6 Kau4 Coaster
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Yun cha(飲茶) is one of the trandional culture in Hong Kong, people gathering in the morning, drinking the tea with variety of small dishes, we call them「Dim Sum」. The famous dishes including Steamed shrimp dumpling(蝦餃), Siu Mai(燒賣), Barbecued Pork Bun(叉燒包)...etc.  We put the Dim Sum photos on the coaster and cloth to mimic the real dishes on the table while you are Yun Cha in the Chinese restaurant. It definitely will recall your memory for those delicious Dim Sum. Each of the product will show the name of the Dim Sum together with the Cantonese pronunciation. You can use it your own or as a souvenir to share your memories in Hong Kong with your friends.