JS019~ Cantonese Rubik's Cube Keychain (3x3x3cm)

JS019~ Cantonese Rubik's Cube Keychain (3x3x3cm)
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“Cantonese” is the mother language in Hong Kong. As one of the complicate languages, there are 9 different tones in Cantonese, lots of wordings in Hong Kong film provide deep impression to people.
Cubik's Cube is a puzzle game, all ages. Using "Cantonese" to design Rubik's Cube, the gamers need to understand the "Cantonese proverb" meaning, the correct three words in order going to the correct position, it is a success. By playing the Rubik's Cube to learn Cantonese, can promote the “Cantonese” wording characteristic and culture to all tourists.